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People who have been smoking for years, even decades, are addicted to the actions related to smoking as they are the nicotine, which is why other nicotine substitutes, like patches and gum, may not work. Even weight gain can be experienced when quitting, because former users still feel the need to put objects in their mouths. The electronic cigarette produces a full substitution of the smoking experience, including the most important part: the throat hit.

Throat hit is the tickly sensation that smokers experience at the back of their throat when the inhaled smoke hits their throats. This term is used more often when referring to electronic cigarettes because they have the lighter taste than traditional cigarettes. Throat hit is crucial for vapers because it is through these throat hits that most users get their enjoyment and satisfaction – feeling the throat hit of a “burning tobacco leaf.” The stronger the throat hit, the more satisfying for the vapers. It makes the experience more similar to normal smoking. The similarity is one of the most important aspects of switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic.

Throat hit factors are as follows:

  • The quality of the e-liquid is the most significant factor in drawing out a strong throat hit. Those who will be buying e-cigarettes should research more of the brands in order to get the best quality e-liquid.
  • Nicotine levels in e-liquid can have a great impact on the throat hit. High dosages will mean stronger throat hits, but again, it will depend on the quality of the e-liquid.
  • The life of equipment or any item and its maintenance can reflect the kind of throat hit. Usually, uncharged batteries and a congested atomizer can result to weaker throat hits.
  • Throat hits will also depend on the quality of the components in the e-cigarettes, such as batteries, atomizers, and cartridges. The versions, batches and brands are significant factors also.
  • Using e-cigarettes may take time to master because it is reportedly more difficult to draw on an e-cigarette than a traditional cigarette.

On Atomizers

The atomizer is the component in the e-cigarette that transforms the e-liquid into water vapor. It is a little metal tube, and there is a small cluster of metal wires inside, which are the heating elements and the micro pump. Again, the model and the brand of the atomizers are significant factors.

Once the vaper makes a draw from the e-cigarette, the sensor that is inside the main body of the e-cigarette activates the circuit board inside, which is also powered by the battery. It sends two electrical currents: one to the pump and one to the heating part of the atomizer. Then, the pump makes the e-liquid, through the atomizer, vaporize when heated.

The atomizer is considered the most sensitive component of the e-cigarette, and it is suggested that users try to have spare atomizers because generally, these atomizers have a short life, and if your atomizer malfunctions or is destroyed, users may return to traditional cigarettes rather than go to the trouble of waiting for a replacement to come.